Link Killer you all missed.

What Freshkiller does for you?

Freshkiller automatically processes the links you’ve found on sharing sites (rapidshare etc.) in one big batch and sends all those DMCA emails to the respective owners of those sharing sites for you. Just like that, no more hassle with sending it manually.

Freshkiller’s database contains more than 50 sharing servers with correct e-mail address which handles the copyright infringements.

The servers HAVE to remove your files from their server otherwise they would break the law so you can count with like 80% success when it comes to disabling the links. Just collect all links, process them via FreshKiller and you are set.

"We can't win The Battle against warez, but we can give them hell with a little to none effort."


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About the Author

Most of you already know me, but in case you don't, please visit my profile here or my portfolio here. I also need to add here a little bit more of some dummy text in order to compensate that ridiculously long ordered list on the right, hope you understand and forgive me.

Direct Contact

If you don't want to use our forums (too lazy to register, I know), please feel free to shoot me a message via Contact Form located here.

The Process - READ ME!

  1. Set up your home address and E-mail account in "Settings" screen and hit the "Save" button. Once you got this filled and correct, there is no need to fill it again every time you start the FreshKiller, it's saved in the config file on your harddrive.
  2. Decide what file you want to "protect" now. You can only choose one of your marketplace items at a time
  3. Fill the "Item details" on the "Main" screen with this desired file details.
  4. Make sure you got every settings in FreshKiller filled and correct, otherwise the program could crash or pop up an error.
  5. Open google and search for warez links of this particular file
  6. Remember you can put unlimited number of links of different servers at a time, but only for one marketplace item. If you want to "protect" more marketplace items, you need to do this process again.
  7. Copy and paste those warez links into the big textarea on the "Main" screen. Don't forget to hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard after every link.
  8. When you are done collecting your links for your item, hit the "Kill them" button
  9. By hitting the "Kill them" button, the program starts to process the links you've inserted and sends all DMCA emails
  10. Don't turn off the program while it's processing the links, it takes a minute or two, depending on the number of links you've inserted, so be patient!
  11. Once the FreshKiller is done processing your links, the "Report" will be displayed inside the textarea.
  12. The report is on per link basis
  13. If the report says "OK", it's obviously OK and your DMCA was 100% sent
  14. If it says "Error", most probably situation is that the server who hosts that file isn't on the "Server/E-mail" database. The database is hosted and regularly updated online here. Best thing you can do is to visit the homepage of that server and look for the E-mail address of their "Abuse" department. Once you got it, please send me an E-mail via this Contact form or post it on our forums. I will make sure to add it to the Database ASAP.

How-to Video


Freshkiller is completely free for everybody and saves you a lots of your valuable time. I would appreciate if you could donate me a beer or two if you are happy with it and find it useful :-)

List of all the kind people who donated:

Thank you!

Versions log

09/16/2011 - Version 2.0 - Multi-thread support - faster and no freezing, WIN design

05/11/2010 - Version 1.0 - Nothing “new”